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Name:Siobhan Smythe | Silver Banshee
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America

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Siobhan Smythe | Silver Banshee
— DCnU —
For as long as anyone can remember, the Smythe family has had a curse upon it. Every generation has one person who harbors within them the spirit of a banshee - a magical being gifted with dark powers. Before Siobhan, it was her father, a dark, nasty, cruel man who gave in to his demon and became the Black Banshee. Because of her gifts, the Black Banshee wanted her under his care, sending Siobhan’s mother, older brother Tommy, and Siobhan herself to go on the run to get away from him. During one such escape, Tommy stood up to the Black Banshee and gave his soul in exchange for Siobhan’s. As he was the oldest brother, his blood prevented any harm to Siobhan from Black Banshee’s powers.

Tommy’s sacrifice went in vain, though, because Siobhan found herself cursed with the powers of the banshee anyway. Twelve years after Tommy’s sacrifice, Siobhan’s mother passed away. It was another year before Siobhan left Ireland and moved to the United States to start a new life for herself. She also moved because she wanted to escape the past and the pain.

Soon after she moved to New York, Siobhan got herself an apartment and a job at a local coffee place called the Coffee Tree. She also earned her keep as a small, local musician playing rock versions old Celtic folk tunes.

Siobhan came across Supergirl after only having been in the country for a few months. Seeing a kindred spirit in Supergirl - they were both girls who had it rough, who’d lost their families, and needed a friend - Siobhan invited Supergirl to move in with her. The night that Supergirl moved in, she attended one of Siobhan’s musical shows, where Siobhan unwittingly called forth her father, the Black Banshee.

During a battle that ensued afterwards, Siobhan embraced her curse and called forth the demonic entity lurking beneath her own psyche - the Silver Banshee. They fought a gruesome fight, but the Silver Banshee prevailed and ingested the soul of the Black Banshee, thereby freeing her brother Tommy from his imprisonment. Though time had moved on for Siobhan, when Tommy was released, he was the same age as he had been when he’d sacrificed himself thirteen years ago.

Tommy moved in with Siobhan and Supergirl for awhile, until he left to go to Ireland to visit what little family he and Siobhan had left. In the meantime, Supergirl had also left to go on adventures of her own, since staying with Siobhan put the Irish girl in danger.

When Supergirl next visited Siobhan, Siobhan was much in the same place, though she was struggling with the demon inside her, which was constantly struggling to get out. She was tough on Kara during that visit, since Supergirl seemed close to giving up since her life had gotten so hard. Once Supergirl had left, Siobhan was left alone to wrestle her own demons, which were getting harder to control.

A month later, Siobhan had gotten herself a new roommate, named Alexa. Supergirl had stopped by to visit her, but seeing that Siobhan had gotten a new friend, she’d left without even saying hello. Once in the city, Supergirl got into a fight with an alien named Lobo. Siobhan saw the fight from her apartment and rushed out to find Kara.

Once she came across Supergirl (who by then was empowered by a Red Lantern ring which channeled all of the rage that she felt), the two friends got into a fight, one in which Siobhan called forth the power of Silver Banshee, as magic is one of the things that Kryptonians are vulnerable to. It was a decision she was loathe to make, but it was the only way she would be able to be a match for Supergirl. During the fight with Supergirl, Siobhan also fought to remain in control of the Banshee, which she was successful in. She led Supergirl away from New York and then convinced her to go off-planet to channel her rage, as this was the only way that Siobhan could help save the world.

Sad, Siobhan returned back to her apartment in New York, not knowing that Alexa and some of Alexa’s friends were dabbling in black magic.


~ Control over various sound waves
~ Produce her own sound waves
~ Universal translator: She can learn and fluently speak any language almost immediately - human, alien, or animal.
~ Flight in banshee form
~ Death Wail - it can drive people into a coma, insane, or kill them. It can’t kill unless she knows her target’s true name.
~ Immune to her own cry as well as other sonic screams, except for her father’s.
~ Teleportation through her scream - it can take her 100 miles away from where she is with no stress.

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